Holistic Intuitive Healing Energy Work including Self Empowerment and love and forgiveness work for survivors of emotional trauma, childhhod trauma and abuse - Victoria, BC, Canada
February 21, 2018
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Healing Heart Centre
Victoria, BC
The heart centre is an integrated channel where love resides. This love is our connection to source where we tap into our true knowingness. Children innately know this love and live life in the moment. As we grow and learn in our environmnet we can disconnect from love. Opening the heart centre is the way to life's balance of love and joy. Forgiveness, compassion and gratitude are ways to reunite to sacred love. The Healing Heart Centre helps people live in the present using different modalities such as intuitive counselling, energy work and chakra clearing (all by email or phone), healing touch, reflexology and ayurveda aromatherapy bodywork.
We all deserve to feel pure love and joy.

Email: info@healingheartcentre.com
Phone: (250) 818-8876
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